Farming in Kenya’s Coast

More than just a tourist destination

Kenya is looking to its coastal region for growth in the horticultural industry. Benjamin Tito, director of Horticultural Crops Directorate believes that the coast’s climate makes it an ideal place for the cultivation of various agricultural products.

“The coast region has favorable weather for growing fruits and vegetables to help meet local demand and overseas markets,” Tito said during a stakeholders’ workshop in the coastal city of Mombasa.

The government has already begun to enact various regulations and policies aimed at supporting growth in the industry.

Kenya’s government also expects that the newly opened Lamu Port, Standard Guage Railway (SGR) and updated port of Mombasa will be key resources in easing the transport of fruit and produce from the coast to the highlands.

It is hoped that the coast will become a region for large-scale cultivation of pineapples, mangoes, chilies, bananas and passion fruits for local consumption and export.

According to Okisegere Ojepat, CEO of the Fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya (FPCK) Kenya’s vegetable exports declined by a value of 8.3 million KSH (9 million USD) in 2020 linked to disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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