Watch: Cop gets phone snatched by thieves

What is your most memorable phone-snatching story?

It’s no secret that Nairobi thieves can be brazen. Living in this city, we often learn the hard way not to take phone calls on a busy roadway, lest an opportunist phone-snatcher be tempted to execute a grab-and-go maneuver. 

But new viral video currently circulating on social media seems to show that even uniformed members of the security forces are not beyond the reach of the city’s boda-bound bandits. 

The clip opens on a municipal traffic cop deployed to a busy roundabout at the time of the evening rush-hour. The policeman takes out his smart-phone to place a call while commuters zip by.

At first, it seems like the man has his guard up, carefully eyeing a rider who passes behind him without incident. But then three men on a motorcycle come into frame, with the rear-most passenger deftly reaching out to snatch the phone from the policeman’s ear before riding off into the proverbial sunset.

The cop is flabbergasted but ultimately left without recourse and ultimately left to watch his phone and the trio of thieves disappear into the thickening traffic. 

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