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Review: Roro’s

Healthy wraps and bowls served from Sarit Centre
BBQ Tofu Mushroom Rice Bowl (w/ Cauliflower rice)

Roro’s is a long-standing mainstay of Sarit Centre’s Lower Ground Level entry area and a newcomer to Bolt Food. This modest storefront specializes in healthy and wholesome wraps, rolls and bowls with plenty of vegetarian options, alongside a top-tier range of nutrient-packed juices and smoothies. 

The stand-out favorite for us was the BBQ Tofu-Mushroom Rice Bowl (Ksh. 1250). Warm and savory, this dish packs flavor and nutrition with plenty of fresh veggies balancing out the richness of the sauce. We love that Roro offers the option to substitute cauliflower rice (a low-carb alternative to the grain), which works great in this bowl. 

The wraps and rolls offer good value for money, but are less impressive on the flavor front. While the portion sizes are fair and the ingredients are clearly fresh, we found both the Vegetarian Burrito (Ksh. 900) and the Chipotle Bean Wrap (Ksh. 850) to be woefully under seasoned and lacking in salt. 

The Vegetarian Burrito

The side-order portion of Falafel Balls & Creamy Tahini Dip (Ksh. 850) was a puzzling disappointment. While it is certainly comparable in quality to the likes of Zucchini and others, the portion and packaging both fall seriously short. Three little falafel balls tossed carelessly into a plastic cup was not what we were expecting based on Roro’s otherwise high standards and we found ourselves happy that we didn’t pay full price for this item. 

Fruit junkies should be sure to peruse Roro’s range of creative smoothie creations like the beetroot-staring Red Velvet (Ksh. 560), dripping with vitamins, or the decadent and caffeinated Wake Me Choco-Up (Ksh. 560) featuring banana, dates, and coffee. 

Diners looking for a more protein-rich food fix can try their Pulled Steak Salad (Ksh. 1,110) for an herby medley of meat and nuts, or the Smoked Salmon Salad featuring the zesty zing of pickled ginger.

Order delivery via BoltFood from 9:00am-6:30pm daily or visit Roro’s Sarit Centre (0757 184 944) and Village Market (0703 952 509) storefronts for a sit-down meal.

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