Kenya Looks to African Market to Boost Tourism

Inter-African Tourism

Kenya’s tourism industry has suffered amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the onset of COVID-19 travel and tourism contributed 7.9 billion U.S. dollars to Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). By May 2020, the nation saw a 80 billion USD reduction in tourism revenue.

But Kenya is now looking to the African market to boost its tourism economy.

Citing the ease of inter-African COVID-19 restrictions as a major benefit, the nation is now starting to market Kenya as an attractive destination for African travelers.

“There are immense potential in both the regional and the African market which we are trying to capture through various platforms,” Wausi Walya said Sunday evening during a meeting with tour operators from Uganda, Rwanda and Ethiopia in the coastal city of Mombasa according to Xinhua.

Walya also said that Kenya will be organizing instructional trips with African tour guides to familiarize them with Kenya’s tourist destinations.

Kenya is already seeing a gradual spike in regional tourism due to marketing and easing border restrictions.

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