4 Organic Beauty Products to Buy in Mombasa

Self care in coast

Mombasa isn’t just a prime vacation spot, it’s also a beauty hub. The city’s seaside location has given way to a colorful mix of cultures and natural beauty products. Most are sold on the streets and in the markets of Mombasa’s old town for prices that are half that of your favorite brands. Here are 4 organic products to try the next time you visit the historic city.

  1. Rosewater

Rosewater has an ethereal smell that awakens senses and calms nerves. It can be used to scent clothing, bathwater, or skin. As an added bonus, rosewater also works as a great toner! In Mombasa, rosewater is made fresh and often comes in 500mL water bottles. Find it at almost any shop selling beauty products.

Price: 100KSH for 500mL

  1. Henna

As you see ladies moving around the city of Mombasa, keep a lookout for the intricate, burnt orange patterns that ordain their hands and nails. These patterns are made using henna, a dye prepared from the plant Lawsonia inermis. Traditionally, henna is used for weddings and other special occasions, but women also henna their hands as a fun pastime. If you’d like to try your hand at henna-ing yourself, you’ll need henna powder and a henna cone. On the streets of Old Town, pre-made henna cones are sold to help women save time. Each henna cone can make around 20 patterns and can last 3-4 months unrefrigerated and 6 months when placed in the refrigerator.

Price: 50KSH per cone

  1. Turmeric Soap

Tumeric is great for evening out your skin and foster a gentle glow. You can mix your own turmeric mask or, if you happen to be in Mombasa, purchase your very own turmeric soap to use when needed.

Price: 200 KSH per bar

  1. Musk

Musk is a scent that is used as a base in perfumery. It is derived from the glandular secretions of animals and plants. Musky scents are powerful, enticing, expensive, and hard to find. They are sold at various perfumeries throughout old town Mombasa, the only catch is, you might have to ask for them. While other knock-off scents at these stalls are sold for 100-200KSH, depending on the size of the bottle, musk goes for a significantly higher price. But, it’s well worth it, each musk’s scent is powerful, long-lasting, and unique.

Price: 400KSH for .5mL

…what are your favorite Mombasa-made beauty products?

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