5 Newsletters to Keep Up with News in Africa

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Africa is a huge continent! Keeping up with what’s going on in every region at any given time can be hard to do. Newsletters are an easy lifehack to help you keep up with the news while saving time. They’re free and take less time to read than a full article. Here are 5 newsletters (and links to subscribe) from publications that write about Africa.

  1. ThisNairobi

That’s right. Your favorite online publication, ThisNairobi, has its very own newsletter. Subscribe for a weekly email that keeps you up to date on everything that’s happening throughout the city and beyond. Subscribe by inputting your email into the red box below.

  1. The Conversation

The Conversation publishes news, commentary, research, and analysis written by experts from around the world. Their Africa news section is extremely thorough and comprehensive. And, they feature a ton of work from African female researchers, a real rarity for international publications.

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  1. Quartz Africa

Quartz Africa is a great resource for business news in Africa. If you want to learn about the latest startups or biggest new developments Quartz Africa is the best place to go. Subscribing to their website can also be expensive, so their newsletter is a great way to preview their content for free.

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  1. Foreign Policy – Africa Brief

This is a relative newcomer to the newsletter scene. Foreign Policy has not always been great about their Africa coverage. But, in 2021, they’ve stepped up their game. Their Africa brief does a great job of covering the most important topics in Africa news while providing background and context. It’s a must-have for those interested in Africa news.

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  1. The China Africa Project

The China Africa Project offers tailored news and analysis on China and the Global South. You might be wondering…why should I care about China and Africa? Well…because it is one of the most important topics of the 21st century. Keep up and stay informed!

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…what’s your favorite way to keep up with news in Africa?

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