4 Rainy Season Hairstyles

Secure your do!

The rainy season is upon us! Bring on the random downpours that ruin your favorite hairstyle. In times like these, the best solution is a good protective style like braids and cornrows. Here are 4 styles to get you through the rainy season. 

  1. Pop Smoke Braids 

In addition to the late rapper’s contribution to music, Pop Smoke also inspired a beautiful braided hairstyle that has risen in popularity since his death. Pop Smoke braids are somewhere in between cornrows and box braids. Rather than being braided straight back, these are braided to the scalp horizontally. While they are quick and easy to do, they can be hard to place in an updo if you want them out of the way.

  1. Fulani Braids 

Fulani braids originate from the Fulani people of West Africa. They’re recognizable by two dangling braids placed at either side of the head. We recommend adding a few gold-colored accents or beads to your Fulani braids to make them pop. 

  1. Braided Up-Dos 

Braided updos are quick and beautiful style. They also do wonders for highlighting beautiful bone structures. Recently, braided updos have been taking on a new form with awe-inspiring, intricate patterns that are definitely worth a try. 

  1. Bantu Knots 

Bantu knots are both a classic and futuristic look. It’s said that his hairstyle originates from the Zulu tribes of Southern Africa. They can easily be done at home or in a salon. We love the Bantu knots pictured below because this particular style incorporates braids helping them stay neater, longer.

Looking for a stylist? Check out this one!

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