New Karura Forest Opening Hours

Beat the lockdown blues

Lockdown and curfew got you down? What better time than now to get some fun in the sun and reacquaint yourself with nature at Karura Forest?

Fresh air and exercise can do wonders for stress relief, and meeting with friends in a well-ventilated outdoor space is far safer than visiting them at home. Karura Forest’s lovely picnic grounds (Ksh. 150 per adult at one of five designated sites) also offer a golden alternative to indoor restaurants as a way to share a meal with those you love.

There are some things to keep in mind, though. 

New Opening Times

For one, our city’s grandest forest park has released new opening hours to comply with the latest tightening of the nightly curfew. The park still opens at 6 am but gates will now close promptly at 5 pm sharp. In order to ensure that staff can make it home on time, the last tickets will be sold by 4 pm

No Single Use Plastics

The ban on single-use plastics remains strictly enforced, so don’t forget to bring your own reusable bags and water bottles for all your hydration needs. To protect the health of wildlife, disposable food containers can no longer be left at waste collection points, so make sure to bring reusable containers for your snacks on-the-go. 

Dog friendly

Have a four-legged friend at home in need of a good romp? Dogs on a leash are welcome on Karura Forest trails, provided they are registered at the gate with a Dog Tag and have up-to-date rabies vaccinations. Make sure you clean up after your pooch and only let the animals run-free in designated ‘off-leash areas. 

Follow these simple rules and you can enjoy up to 15km of lush hiking and running trails, exciting, diverse terrain for cycling (bring your own or rent one at the gate for 500KSH per two hours), or simply a happy wander through tree-lined paths teeming with birds and wildlife.

Keep reading for trail maps and entry fees:

Opening hours: 6am – 6pm 5pm

Entry fees: 

CITIZENKsh. 100Ksh. 50
RESIDENTKsh. 200Ksh. 100
NON-RESIDENTKsh. 600Ksh. 300

Parking fees: 

Car Ksh. 100
Minivan (12-seater)Ksh. 200
Minibus (16 – 32 seats)Ksh. 300
Bus (32 seats and up)Ksh. 500

Bike rental: Ksh. 500 / two hours (extendable)

Trail map: Ksh. 200

Guide book: Ksh. 500

Contact: 0739262092 or

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