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Big Deals with the NEW Bolt Food

Discounts all around

In late March, the Estonian rideshare app, Bolt premiered its “Bolt Food” app in Nairobi. Much like Uber Eats and Glovo, the app offers food delivery services for restaurants in and around the city. The app requires a separate download from the regular Bolt.

In order to influence customers to make the switch, Bolt Food is offering free delivery as well as big discounts on orders from local restaurants including 30% off Nyama Mama Westlands, 30% off Chinese Kitchen and Dim Sum, 40% off Pizza Moja Adlife Plaza, 30% off Brew Bistro Westlands and so much more.

A cool feature of the app is that, if you elect to pay with cash instead of MPESA, the extra change from your order can be added to your Bolt account to use for a future order.

Have you tried to Bolt Food app?

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