Kenya’s Getting 5G!

Is the future 5G?

Last week, Safaricom announced its 5G rollout. The launch will begin as a trial for individual and enterprise customers in Nairobi, Kisumu, Kisii, and Kakamega. Nokia and Huawei will conduct the rollout.

The communications giant plans to expand its 5G sites to 150 towns across 9 locations over the next 12 months. Safaricom customers will have to acquire 5G capable devices before accessing the new network.

It’s turn toward 5G is an effort to increase revenue gained from data services amid falling profits from mobile phone calls. Ultra-fast 5G internet holds the potential to user in AI and future-tech to Kenya.

” With 5G, we aim to empower our customers with super-fast internet at work, at home and when on the move, supplementing our growing fiber network. At Safaricom, we are proud to be the first in the country and the region to bring this latest innovation to both our retail and enterprise customers empowering them to start exploring new opportunities that 5G provides ” said Safaricom CEO, Peter Ndegwa at a press conference.

What do you think about Safaricom’s 5G rollout?

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