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Ramen, Sushi and Sun

Welcome to Chekafe, a new, outdoor, ramen, sushi, and snack spot in Lavington. 

Half garden and half loft, CheKafe was expertly designed to give off the feel of a traditional Japanese ramen restaurant with a Kenyan twist. 

Guests can choose to dine at one of two sitting areas. The covered seating area offers a full view of the ramen bar. If you prefer basking in the sun, sit in the garden complete with umbrellas and a chair swing. 

Now, it’s time to order.

The cold Avocado Beans Salad

On hot summer days in Japan, it’s typical to cool down with a bowl of cold noodles. ThisNairobi recommends the “Mango, Spinach, Avacado. and Beans Salad”. It’s sweet, savory, and refreshing. 

You should also try the “Vegetarian Ramen”. This hearty dish contains tofu, fake meat, and black mushrooms. it’s delicious and contains a hearty serving of tofu, fake meat, and veggies. If you’re a meat-lover, there is also a wide selection of meat-based ramen dishes to choose from.

Vegetarian ramen

As a bonus, CheKafe offers hand made noodles. Try them and you’ll immediately notice the difference from the store-bought variety. 

We don’t recommend the natto (fermented soybeans and eggs). It’s a traditional Japanese dish that is great for promoting digestion. But unfortunately, it’s an acquired taste. It’s slimy, sour, and hard to swallow.

Neither of these options catches your eye? Check out CheKafe’s Chef’s recommendations. 

CheKafe Chef’s Recommendations

CheKafe is also a great spot for families. Bring your family to “family reggae” on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 pm onward.  

Visit CheKafe in Lavington, right beside Cheche Books.

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