What’s Trending in Kenya Week 6

Listen to Waah

11/30/2020 – 12/06/2020

  1. Teacher’s Service Commission (TSC)  

The Teacher’s Service Commission (TSC) is hiring 6,600 intern teachers in accordance with th new economic stimulus package. Hired intern teachers will support overcrowded classrooms. To qualify, applicants must be Kenyan citizens that hold at least a Bachelor’s degree. Primary school intern teachers will receive a stipend of 15,000KSH per month, and those teaching secondary school will receive 20,000KSH per month. Selected candidates will participate in a one-year internship and receive an internship certificate upon completion. “TSC” was searched 20K times in Kenya last week. Read more

  1. Sonko Impeachment

Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, was trending (yet again) last week. Last Thursday, 88 of the legislature’s 122 members voted to impeach Sonko. He has been accused of abuse of office, gross misconduct, breaking the law, and refusing to approve a budget for the current year. In the weeks before his impeachment, Sonko had been rallying support in the house to keep his position. But the fight to maintain his mayoral status won’t be easy. If Mike Sonko’s impeachment goes through as planned a new governor will be elected early in 2021. “Sonko impeachment” was searched 20K times in Kenya last week. Read more

  1. Rihanna

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky confirmed their relationship last week. The pair kept their relationship a secret for months. One thing’s for sure, the two will definitely be a power couple. “Rihanna” was searched 10K times in Kenya last week. Read more

  1. BBI Signatures  

Signatures for Kenya’s controversial BBI drive hit 1.5 million a mere four days after its launch. They surpassed the “ 2 million by Monday” prediction and reached more than 5 million by the end of last week. “BBI signatures” was searched more than 5K times last week. Read more

  1. Koffi Olamide 2K

Tanzanian Diamond Platinum’s collab with Congolese Rhumba King Koffi Olomide broke Youtube records in Africa last week. The single called “Waah” hit 110,448 views 8 hours out from its Youtube premiere. The video showcases African dancing as well as Congolese and Tanzanian cultural elements. “Koffi Olamide” was searched more than 2K times last week. Read more

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