Watamu’s Abandoned Hotel

A crumbling relic

Watamu’s tourism industry has gone through its share of fits and starts. Over the past ten years, the industry’s decline left behind ghosts of times past scattered along the coast. A particularly interesting relic is an abandoned hotel that sits right at the end of Watamu beach road. Little is known of its original form. But today, the crumbling relic acts as a meeting place for nearby residents.  

It’s a particularly good place to watch the sunset, or for aspiring photographs to hone in on their craft during the “golden hour”.  If you aren’t afraid of heights it’s also a short hike from cliffside views. 

How to get there:

Abandoned hotel entryway

Walk to the very end of Watamu beach road and enter the gates right before the village on the left. Continue on the path past the (former) tennis courts until you reach a set of crumbling buildings. Feel free to explore, as the area is unguarded. Just be careful of rocks. 

To reach the cliffside, take the stairs the left, right before the beach. It will lead you to the top of the rocks. Climb until you reach the cliff for a breathtaking view of Watamu’s coast.  

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