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Four Kenya Made Snacks To Try Today

Have you had them all?

As a good Nairobi-ite you buy local fruits, vegetables and support small businesses. But, do you “snack local”? What’s listed below are four tasty treats that take your typical afternoon snack to new heights. Each snack can be found at your local grocery store. 

  1. Milyas Flavored Popcorn  

If you love popcorn, Milya’s is the brand for you. Her popcorn is soft, yet crunchy and doesn’t go stale in the container. While Milya’s comes in a variety of flavors, we love caramel. This snack goes perfectly with a good movie and a glass of wine. 

Price:  139KSH for 150G

  1. Amigos Nduma Crisps

Nduma (or arrowroot) is a root vegetable packed with vitamins and minerals. Amigos Nduma crisps are made from dried and lightly fried arrowroots, with just a pinch of salt. Each crisp is soft white color, flecked with specks of purple. While it’s a beautiful snack that’s hard to resist, we recommend going slow with this one. Like regular arrowroot, it’s easy to fill up on these quickly. 

Price: 304KSH for 400g bag 

  1. Matoke Crisps 

Here’s yet another Amigos brand. Matoke (green bananas) is a popular staple food in Uganda where it often served in a stew mixed with ground nut paste. Amigos holds the g-nut, but serves up their crisps with a pinch of salt leaving room for the natural banana flavor to shine through. 

Price: 278KSH for 400G bag 

  1. Tropical Heat Chevda 

Imagine all of your favorite snacks put together in one amazing mix. That’s chevda for you. Chevda is originally a Gujarati Indian snack. In Kenya, it takes on its own unique flavor. Kenyan chevda is typically made out of rice flakes, potato crisps, lentils, and nuts. Tropical Heat’s chevda comes in a variety of flavors, but our favorite is chili lemon. If you don’t take chilis, there’s also have an “original” flavor that’s just as good.

Price: 317KSH for 340g bag 

Happy snacking!

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