What’s Trending in Kenya Week 3

11/2/2020 - 11/8/2020

Welcome to ThisNairobi’s new series “What’s Trending in Kenya”. Each Monday, the ThisNairobi team will gather the top 5 trending topics from the past week and post them for your enjoyment. Read below for the third edition of this exciting new series.

11/2/2020 – 11/8/2020

  1. US Presidential Elections
U.S. Presidential Elections

The United States held its 59th presidential election last Tuesday. Many states were left counting votes days after they were cast. This was primarily due to large numbers of mail in ballots amid the COVID19 pandemic. In a close race, former Vice President Joe Biden was elected President along with his Vice Presidential running mate Kamala Harris. Kenyans searched US Presidential Elections more than 1Million times

  1. Kamala Harris

Kenya’s netizens searched Kamala Harris more than 50K times. Kamala Harris was elected Vice President of the United States along with President elect Joe Biden. Her election makes her the first woman to ever hold a Vice Presidential position in the United States. 

Photo by Adam Schultz / Biden for President


  1. King Von
King Von

Rapper on the rise, King Von, was shot and killed outside of an Atlanta Nightclub over the weekend. Two groups of men were seen arguing outside of the nightclub at around 3:30am. Prior to his death, King Von chartered on the Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums three times and had released an album “Welcome To O’Block” last week. The chicago rapper was 26 years old. King Von was searched more than 20K times


  1. Ginimbi

Zimbabwean businessman and socialite Ginimbi Kadungure died in a tragic car accident over the weekend. It was reported that Kadungure was driving home from a birthday party with three other friends who also died in the wreck. Ginimbi was searched more than 10K times.


  1. Ruth Kamande

Former beauty queen Ruth Kamande’s death sentence has been upheld. Kamande was convicted of murder for stabbing her boyfriend in 2017. Kamande will remain behind bars awaiting a death sentence. 

Ruth Kamande


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