What’s Trending in Kenya Week 1

10/18/2020 - 10/25/2020

Welcome to ThisNairobi’s new series “What’s Trending in Kenya”. Each Monday, the ThisNairobi team will gather the top 5 trending topics from the past week and post them for your enjoyment. Read below for the first edition of this exciting new series.

10/19/2020 – 10/25/2020

1. Football

Photo Credit: The Sun

It’s clear that Kenyans love football. Over the course of last week, there were over 200K searches about football teams and games. In addition to searching for “premier league standings”, Kenya’s football fans also searched Ajax vs. Liverpool and Paris vs Manchester United games. 

2. Mashujaa Day 

Kenya celebrated Mashujaa Day (Heroes Day) last week. Internet users in Kenya searched “Mashujaa Day 2020” more than 10,000 times. 

3. Nigeria

Photo Credit: The Global Citizen

The world has been very curious about what’s been going with Nigeria’s recent SARS protests. Kenya has been so interested that there were over 55K searches including “Nigeria” and “What is SARS?”.  To learn more about #endSARS check out this article from the Global Citizen.

4. Congo 

Congolese people have been pushing back against extraction of the nation’s natural resources. Citizens have taken to the internet with the hashtag #NoCongoNoPhone, calling attention to exploitation at mines throughout the country. Kenya’s netizens searched Congo more than 5,000 times. To find out more, read this article from WeeTracker.

5. Maureen Waititu

Youtube personality Maureen Waititu opened up about difficulties with co-parenting in a video titled “Enough”. Kenyans searched for the starlet’s name more than 5K times this week. Watch the 43 minute video here.

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