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5 Facts About Nairobi

For those dinner party conversations

1. It’s  “the world’s only wildlife capital”

Nairobi is the only city with a national park within its borders. Nairobi’s National Park was established in 1946 and covers an area of 117.21 square kilometers. Wildlife within the park is extremely diverse and includes:  African buffalo, baboon, eastern black rhinoceros, gazelle, Grant’s zebra, cheetah, Coke’s hartebeest, hippopotamus, African leopard, lion, common eland, impala, Masai giraffe, ostrich, vultures and waterbuck.

2. …And the 5th largest city in Africa by population!

That’s right! Nairobi is home to around 4.2 million people according to the 2019 census. It’s a hub for business, travel, and commerce making it an attractive place for people in search of opportunity. Citizens from throughout Kenya and the rest of the world can be found from within Nairobi’s city limits, making it a great place to try cuisines from all around the world. Check out ThisNairobi’s ,food and drink section for a few ideas. 

3. Sunrise and Sunset happen at around the same time all year round

In many places, sunrise and sunset vary according to the season. Depending on the time of year, sunrise may occur earlier or later. But Nairobi is a magical place where sunrise and sunset happen at about the same time all year round. This consistency is perfect for planning events , trips , and fun.

4.Has the third fastest internet connection on the Continent 

At 16.4 megabits per second for downloads, Nairobi’s internet connection is top. This is primarily attributed to the large undersea cable running right off the coast of Kenya. But, good things often come with a price. Wi-Fi in Kenya is also among the most expensive in the world. 

5. Was once nicknamed “Nairobbery” 

Crime was at an all time high in Kenya throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s. Robberies would occur throughout the city at all times of day. Nairobi is still not the safest city in the world, but it’s a lot safer than it used to be! 

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