The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing in Africa

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Welcome to The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing in Africa. This guide was developed by one of the founders of ThisNairobi in partnership with

Africa’s social media landscape is on a serious come up. Africans are more connected than ever. According to GSMA, 84% of sub-Saharan Africa will have access to SIM connection by 2025. Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform in sub-Saharan Africa, but as connectivity increases and mobile phones become cheaper, new opportunities for social media usage will emerge. 

Those on the forefront of this social media revolution will be sub-Saharan Africa’s young population. They will occupy the realm in the form of influencers, entrepreneurs and marketers. At present, those who are already engaged in social media as a form of employment in Africa report that earnings are inconsistent and not nearly high enough to make ends meet. But, as time goes on this will change. 

The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing in Africa was designed to assist anyone who wants to work in social media on the Continent, or learn more about it’s potential. 
The staff at ThisNairobi hopes that you read, engage with and put this guide to good use. For questions, comments or ideas about this guide, feel free to send us an email at . Happy posting, tweet-ing, snapchat-ing, Youtube-ing and Tiktok-ing.

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