Why Aren’t You Wearing Waist beads?

Body positivity
Body positivity

It’s a warm sunny weekend. You and a few friends decide to take advantage of the beautiful weather and make a trip to the coast. Swimsuit. Check. Sundress. Check. But did you remember your waist beads?

Typically worn around the waist and hips, waist beads are perfect for accentuating your natural shape. In recent years, they’ve served as a fashion statement, but they have traditionally been worn by women in East and West Africa to keep track of weight loss and gain, as a symbol of maturity and a tool to enhance sexuality.  If waist beads aren’t on your list yet, here’s why they should be!

1. Body appreciation
Your body is beautiful in all its shapes and forms. Waist beads are a perfect reminder of this. When you get your beads fitted for the first time, they are measured and adjusted to fit your waist and hips where you choose, in the exact way you see fit. You love the way your hips curve outward? Place them below the belly button. Is your waist to thigh ratio legendary? Place them right at the waist.

2. Body consciousness
In addition to adding to your innate beauty, waist beads are also a low pressure way of tracking weight loss or weight gain. If you lose a few kilos, your beads will fit loosely and sit a bit lower. If you gain a little, the beads will tighten. In either situation, waist beads are perfectly adjustable allowing for maximum customization to fit every version of yourself.

3. Sex appeal
It goes without saying that waist beads add major sex appeal. They frame your shape giving you a nice hourglass effect and jingle as you walk ensuring that your partner won’t be able to take their eyes off your every movement. Rumor has it that your partner can even count your beads to prevent finishing too soon.

Where to buy

You can purchase waist beads at most Masai markets in Nairobi. If you don’t see them being offered ask because they don’t always put them out.

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