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Honey & Dough

Views and plenty food to choose
Views and plenty to choose 
Photo credit: Honey & Dough Instagram

Any baker knows that a careful combination of ingredients is key to producing a quality loaf. And, while upscale cafes with four-digit brunch options are an increasingly common feature of Nairobi’s dining landscape, few match service, decor and value quite like Honey & Dough. 

A relatively new addition to the growing ‘Food Library’ of dining experiences from the serial restaurateurs at the JIT Group, Honey & Dough commands sweeping views of the Westlands skyline from its perch at One Africa Place (a glitzy address shared by sister-restaurant INTI). 

Diners are conveyed via automated elevator from a high-tech lobby to a largely open-air dining area boasting marbled floors and pink leather seating. The cake-box aesthetic manages to be tasteful without feeling uptight. The bright and airy ambience is punctuated by whimsical flairs (from a slogan festooned wall, to playfully placed greenery and cushioned booths enclosed in oversized wicker bird cages). It’s these flourishes that have helped earn Honey & Dough its place among Nairobi’s most ‘Instagrammable’ destinations. 

But the proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes, and when it comes to menu items, H&D doesn’t disappoint. Diversity and quality are the names of the game, with creative food options stretching several screen-lengths down the now fully digitized menu. 

Indian-inspired fusion items feature heavily (scrambled egg dosas, anyone?) — a nod to the South Asian heritage of the management. A range of ‘Buddha Bowls’ (KES1,000) offer healthy combos of grains and greens, while creative spins on brunchy classics are there to satisfy even the most depraved of morning-after cravings. 

The asparagus crepe with pea sauce (KES900) is a can’t-miss. Gloriously herby mushrooms are bundled together with nutty asparagus in a chickpea flour wrap, served with a warm green minji puree. Like so many of H&D’s quirky creations, the effect is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. 

An ambitious range of photogenic barista fare like the coconut turmeric chai latte (KES450) round out a drink menu already bolstered by a spectacular cocktail selection (daily two-for-one happy hours from 4-7pm are conveniently timed to take in the patio’s westward facing sundowner views). 

For a simpler, more budget-conscious pick-me-up, try the coffee and pastry options from the ‘Grab & Dough’ menu, though homesick New Yorkers will be sorely disappointed with what passes for a ‘bagel’ at H&D. In a rare let-down, something akin to a semi-steamed hamburger bun with the middle poked out is substituted for the boiled, dense original. 

Minor quibbles aside, Honey & Dough remains a top-of-class contender on Nairobi’s dining scene. Whether for a mid-week work outing, a boozy brunch, or a three-course date night meal, this flavor-slinging juggernaut will continue to keep the competition on their toes for many weekends to come. 


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