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Nairobi’s Best Juicers

Keeping it juicy
Keeping it juicy

So you’ve just woken up after and amazing night out at one of your favorite spots (pretend that corona doesn’t exist). You’re a bit parched and need to replenish all of those electrolytes that you lost while dropping it to the new Sauti Sol.  And it comes to you! What you need is a little bit of juice to help you drag yourself out of that “post night out” stupor that we all loathe. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular juicers in Nairobi and what each has to offer.

Beyond Fruits 

Beyond Fruits is an up-and-coming vegetable and fruit stand. The fruit and veggie selection is good, but the fresh juices are even better. At Beyond Fruits you can choose from a wide selection of pre-made juices (depending on the season) that include: pineapple, pineapple mint, breakfast delight, passion fruit and tree tomato, mango and a number of other selections. What we like about Beyond Fruits is that the selection of juices tends to be more creative than your typical juice stand. They even offer special marketed juices for detoxing and breakfast.

Prices of Beyond Fruits juices are also better than your typical juice stand. A 425mL bottle of juice (good for a refreshing snack) starts at KSH180. A 1L bottle of juice starts at KSH350.

Quick Mart

Don’t we all love Quick Mart? Well, we love their juice selection even more. Quick Mart is great because they allow you to mix and match your juice blend. But, the juice variety and type fruits offered for juices are typical of what you might find anywhere else. The price range of Quick Mart’s juices are a little on the expensive side, but if you love good juice it’s well worth it. Take a look below for the selection price range.

Juice: 1L KSH400 ; .5L KSH300 ; 425mL KSH200

Smoothie: 1L KSH600 ; .5L KSH500 ; 425mL KSH300


Zucchini is amazing for a number of reasons. Their menu is offers a wide arrange of juice varieties including milkshakes, protein shakes, traditional squeezed juices and green smoothies, all freshly made. Depending on your mood, you might be craving a luscious Oreo milkshake for the convenient price of KSH420. If you’re on a “get fit for the summer” health kick try their post workout shake complete with whey powder, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, granola and yogurt for KSH550.

Kutubey Enterprises Sugar Cane Juice Stand 

These sugar cane juice stands are amazingly simplistic, but do the trick in a pinch. The selection is relatively straight forward you can choose from plain old sugar cane juice, sugarcane and lime juice, sugarcane and ginger juice and sugarcane lime and ginger juice. All perfect hangover tonics. The price is right as well.

1L KSH350 ; 500mL KSH200 ; 250mL KSH100

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