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SeaWhispers Inn

A relaxing seaside brunch
A relaxing seaside brunch

Whether you’re looking for a quiet, comfy place to spend your time in Watamu or a nice place for breakfast, Seawhispers Inn is the place for you. 

The bed and breakfast/ restaurant is Conveniently located on Watamu beach road ( a quick walk from the beach). The decor is fresh and oozes coastal vibes. The best place to sit is on their covered patio that faces the lively streetside giving you views of Watamu’s vibrant community and plethora of grass-grazing goats. If it is a hot day, you can ask the restaurant’s tri-lingual staff (Yes! They speak English, Italian and Swahili) to turn on one of the overhead fans for you. 

Seawhispers offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. But, as breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it can be hard to find a Wesetern-style brunch spot near the beach you should definitely give their breakfast menu a try. There are three different breakfast options offered: Italian, International and African. You can also choose from an ala carte menu. 

In addition to a wide selection of breakfast fare, Seawhispers Inn has an amazing coffee and tea selection that ranges from lattes to Kenyan coffee. 

If you don’t go for one of the pre-selected breakfast options, we recommend trying the Swahili-style beans (offered at breakfast), mandazi and doughnuts. Also, throw in a few eggs (it is breakfast after all). They’ll make them any style and coat them in high quality olive oil, adding a pop of flavor that will start your morning off with a bang. 

Seawhispers Inn is also a beautiful place to stay while you are in Watamu. The best thing about Seawhispers’ lodging options is that the rooms are few, extremely clean and tastefully done with beautiful coastal decor. Room rates range from 3,000KSH per night to 4,500KSH per night. They also have options for a reduced breakfast price along with room rate. 

SeaWhispers Inn suites

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