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La Malindina Sandals

Handmade sandals with a coastal twist
La Malindina’s sandals

In Kenya’s coast you’ll find beautiful beaches, sunny weather and, most importantly, a vibrant handmade sandal industry. Yes, of course you can get handmade sandals in Nairobi, but nothing compares to the affordability and beauty of sandals made in the tradition of the coast. 

Handmade sandals in Kenya are usually attributed to the Masai who are known for their beautiful bead and leather work. The designs range from flower patterns to toe accents. 

But, the designers at La Malindina shop put a whole new spend on Kenya’s sandal making tradition. Run by a combination of Tanzanian and Lamu born Kenyan designers, La Malindina makes some of the most unique handmade sandals on the coast. 

The beautiful mix of cultures are represented in the style of their shoes. A favorite of La Malindina’s customers is the “labania”, named after a sweet made with milk, sugar, and ground nuts.

La Malindia’s signature imprint

The color combinations of each sandal is carefully selected, filling the buyer with a sense of peace and passion, much like the vibe of Kenya’s coast. 

Each shoe is made from high grade premium leather and soles from the best Firestone rubber. The shop’s owners guarantee their quality, welcoming customers to bring their shoes back for repairs (though they ensure that you won’t need them). 

As a finishing touch, La Malindina trademarks their sandals with their signature “La Malindina” stamp and circular imprints around the sole (pictured above). 

Prices of the shop’s sandals range from 800KSH to 1300KSH depending how intricate the design is. You can also get sandals custom made. Custom orders take anywhere from 1 to 2 days. 

Find La Malindina’s sandal shop along Watamu Beach Road. If entering Watamu Beach Road from Jacaranda road, you’ll find the shop on the left. 

La Malindina store front

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