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Hosteria Romana

A taste of Watamu's authentic Italian cuisine

A taste of Watamu’s authentic Italian cuisine

A taste of Watamu’s authentic Italian cuisine

One of the best things about Watamu is the abundance of authentic Italian cuisine. Hosteria Romana is an amazing representation of the Italian culture and fare that characterises the beautiful beach town. Located along Watamu Beach Road, a quick walk from the beach, Hosteria Romana is the perfect spot for lunch and dinner. 

What’s striking about Hosteria Romana is it’s beautiful outdoor eating area. Swathed in dark wood and red tablecloths, as you sit down you are immediately taken away to a family-style restaurant in Tuscany. The Italian owners of Hosteria Romana are often around, with their adorable daughter running around the restaurant. Hosteria Romana’s menu is full of almost any Italian dish you can think of. Their carbonara ( a creamy pasta dish with bacon) is well known as one of the most delicious menu items. They also serve rich, yet fluffy tiramisu that goes perfectly with their cappuccino or espresso. For a starter, you should definitely go for the caprese salad (pictured below). The mozzarella is expertly made, the olive oil is flavorful and the basil is fresh picked. The dish is perfect for a warm day. 

Caprese Salad Hosteria Romana

A quick and tasty option is one of Hosteria Romana’s wide range of pizzas. Each pie is made-to-order at their authentic outdoor pizza oven. The chef is friendly and a master of his craft.

The pizza’s dough is a perfect combination of crispy and soft. The toppings premium. We recommend the Napoli pizza (pictured below). A mash-up of four different pizzas in one (anchovy, mushroom, Margherita, and basil), it gives a great sampling of the different pizza options on the menu.

Hosteria Romana Napoli Pizza

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