The Natural Hair Starter Kit

For curls that bounce and shine
For curls that bounce and shine

Whether you’re beginning your natural hair journey or you’re a full blown ‘naturalista’, sometimes you need a few new products to spice up your routine. Check out this list of user-approved natural hair products that you can, at your local store. 

  1. MIADI Leave in treatment Spray leave in conditioner spray

This leave in spray is perfect for newly washed hair, or as a treatment for revitalizing dry hair. The convenient bottle makes it easy to spray on individual sections of hair, ensuring that every strand is perfectly moisturized. The spray is infused with the perfect blend of moisturizers that will leave your hair hydrated without over oiling it or weighing it down. 

How to use: part your hair into four sections. Take a small chunk of hair from one section and drench it in MIADI leave in treatment spray. After wetting properly, comb the section until de-tangled. Wear the hair as is, OR twist wet sections, allow to dry, then untwist for a full and moisturized

Price: 185KES / 237ml

2. Nice and Lovely Styling Gel

,This extra strength holding gel is perfect for sleek styles like ponytails and buns. Comparable in result to the famous Eco Styler gel, Nice and Lovely Holding gel is a perfect affordable alternative.

How to use: use generous amount on well moisturized, damp hair to lay down edges and reduce frizz.

Price: 122KES / 135ml

3. Venus Curl Activator

Curl activators are perfect for moisturizing your hair without making it dry or crunchy. But, be warned, if you are trying to stretch your hair, it is not ideal. Most curl activators have little to no hold are best used for defining curls. If you want more curls and more hold, it’s best to use a gel curl activator combo. Gels are more useful for that. Venus curl activator smells great and is perfect for application on wet or damp hair.

How to use: Apply through amount to wet hair, and comb through hair with large comb. OR, apply generous amount to individual sections and twist/braid hair. Wait until hair has dried completely to un-twist. 

Price: 279KES / 450g

4. Mikalla Shampoo & Conditioner

A good “wash day” fuels shiny luscious styles for all hair types. Most women recommend washing and conditioning your hair, once a week. Most shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients that work together, so you should use the same line products together. For this we recommend Mikalla conditioner and shampoo. Mikalla is not only a great brand, but also allows you to get more bang for your buck. 

How to use: Use the shampoo to wash hair (at least twice). Comb out hair while wet and apply a generous amount of conditioner. With conditioner on, place shower cap over hair for 15 min, letting the steam from your shower as you continue with the rest of your shower routine help the conditioner penetrate the hair. Rinse your hair and continue with the rest of your routine.

Price: 700 KES / 1L (per bottle)

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